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EGU rents area from Vihti, where we have gallop track and whirling. At Otalampi we organize clubs own events and members can buy a license to train their own dogs. 

Check below if you want to buy a key to train your dog at Otalampi.


If you are a breeder you can buy license of 50€ when you are allowed to organize training for your litters. 

One household costs 20€ of key and 30€ use charge.

All buyers sign up for contract and information will be registered to member register.

Key is household and it is forbidden to give it forward. If you want organize bigger event with employees contact us. If we notice abuse of using keys and license we will cancel the contract.


Keys: Amanda Haatainen jasensihteeri (at)

Reservation: Jonna Paronen

EGUs bank account: FI19 1544 3000 0444 82

Viite: 20213

Deposit of the key: 20€
Year payment 2020: 30€
Year payment for breeders: 50€