Greyhound is stunning big dog which is perfect for family with small children. It is kind and sweet couch potato at home. An adult dog sleeps most of the time although it needs exercise every day like all dogs. When greyhound sees something to catch (usually rabbit or cat) it's ancient instincts wakes up.  

Nowadays greyhound has bred for pure sport. At the beginning it was bred to hunting with sight and kill the catch. That lives still at strong instinct and you have to be precise where you can let your dog run free safely. Greyound need free run weekly, it has made for run free and it makes it happier than any other thing. 

When you want to race a greyhound it has to be trained for it. Race is not ordinary run, greyhound gives all of it at race and insincts guard them. Trained greyhound has strict program for food and exercise. 

Greyhound has been spitted to two different lines: show and racing. They divergent of each others very much with appearance but charecter is similar. When you consider greyhound for next member of your family, think which one is right for you. With racing greyhound you would not be the next Crufts winner but if the dog has been registered to Finnish Kennel Club you are allowed to go to a show - and it would be such a funny hobby! Show greyhound won't propably be race dog, they are too big and slow compared with racing greyhounds. Whichever your choose is, you will definetly have the perfect dog just for you and your family.

Greyhounds have very strong natural instinct of chase and training a pup is kinda strengthing the natural instinct. If the dog has it training is very simple.

Dogs will be 70-75cm of height and weight of 30-38kg. Bitches will be smaller, about 65-70cm height and 25-30kg weight. All color are permitted on the greyhound.