What is EGU?

Etelän Greyhound Urheilijat

Etelän Greyhound Urheilijat (EGU) is a society that runs at Southern Finland. It is member of Greyhound Racing Liitto (GRL) which is the main society of greyhound racing in Finland.

Local action

EGU organize around the year many kind of action to members with or without dogs. At winters we organize runs open for everybody, members and people interested of breeds or sport. Leader is always our member. It can be a city run or a forest run depends on it's location. EGU always encourage and advice all dog owners on training and caring of them. We organize puppy trainings at track and lectures for excample dogmassage. 

To our enthusiasts we have for excample Christmas parties and at summer some relaxing evenings.

The racing

Our racing season is at summer above from May to September. We have only outside tracks and at winters there is very cold so the ground gets freeze. Nowadays the last race has been at beginning of a October. 

Racing tracks locals at Tampere (Kauppis racetrack) and Turku (Metsämäki racetrack). At Oulu's Virpiniemi we have racetrack too and to Northern Karelia Liperi will be having a shiny new track at 2022!

At Vihti's Otalampi we have training area of our own, where we have gallop track with starting box for one dog. There is also a whirling. Read more about Otalampi training here.

 Years 2020 government:

  • Saija Jämsä, president, (hallitus@egu.fi)
  • Jennika Eskola, vice-chairman, (hallitus@egu.fi)
  • Jonna Paronen, secretary, (sihteeri@egu.fi)
  • Amanda Haatainen, member secretary (jasensihteeri@egu.fi)
  • Nico Lindholm, (hallitus@egu.fi)
  • Milla Toivanen, (hallitus@egu.fi)
  • Timo Paronen, (hallitus@egu.fi)
  • Niko Virtanen, (hallitus@egu.fi)

Greyhound racing at Finland

At Nordic countries Denmark was the first to have greyhound racing at 1920s. In Finland first official race was 1951 and first track was completed to Mikkeli at 1968. After that has made many tracks and nowadays half of dozen is used by all sighthound breeds. In Finland racing is "only" a hobby, allthough some of us it is a lifestyle. We don't have professional breeders, trainers or owners, dogs are completely beloved members of a family.

  • Metsämäki track, Turku

    • Clubs: Turun Greyhound Klubi (TGK)
    • Finished year 1996
    • CGRC European Championships at year 2000
    • Locals at center of trotting course
    • Radius of curvature 53m 11% pitch
    • Races: 325 m, 495 m, 560m, 785m

  • Virpiniemi track, Haukipudas (Oulu)

    • Clubs: Virpiniemen Greyhound Urheilijat (VGU)
    • Finished year 2000
    • Radius of curvature 49m 7% pitch
    • Races: 280 m, 480 m, 520m, 712m
    • Newest racing track in Finland. Based of australian Albion Park track.

  • Kauppi track, Tampere

    • Clubs: Pirkanmaan Vinttikoirakerho (PVK) ja Tampereen Seudun GreyhoundKlubi (TSGK)
    • Finished year 1964
    • Removation 2002-2003
    • 350m race was added at 2003
    • Races: 280 m, 350 m, 480 m, 680m

Origin: Greyhound Racing Liitto ry